30 Day and 60 Day Challenge

The 30-Day / 60-Day Challenge is a great way to kick-start your hot yoga practice! Whether you’re new to
hot yoga or have been practicing for years, everyone should consider participating. The 30-Day / 60-Day Challenge
renews your hot yoga practice, and reveals your body’s amazing potential for change, inside and out!

30 day challnege rules

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I started practicing the Dayton Method Hot Yoga on January 8th 2012. 5 days after I started, I started the 30 day challenge, and then continued into the 60 day challenge, only I call it my “60 day transformation.” By all odds, I never should have started this.  I have heard about hot yoga from time to time and always immediately ruled it out using self-talk like “I’m too old, I’m injured, too fat, too out of shape and especially I hate heat.” I had some serious injuries, shattered my shoulder requiring plates and screws 1 ½ yrs ago, neck surgery and knee surgery.  This caused me to not be able to exercise to the point of cracking a sweat in almost 2 years, which resulted in feeling tired all the time and depressed. I read that it would be good to use a sauna to at least get heart rate variability if you “can’t exercise,” and began thinking, “Why go into a sauna and just sit down? Maybe trying this hot yoga would be better.” So. . . having never done any kind of yoga and feeling somewhat intimidated, I just walked in, plunked down 20 bucks, thinking that even if I only last 5 minutes in there, it would be O.K., at least I tried it. I had been on-line to read about studios, and choose Hot Yoga Dayton Method studio even though there are many closer to my home after seeing the nice website and then reading someone’s comment that he “likes it that Jason is a clean freak;” this last statement brought me in, and I’m so thankful that I found this particular studio. Physically: I am still rehabilitating my shoulder, knee, and neck, and have had more progress with these in the last 3 months doing Hot Yoga than I had in the previous 1 ½ years. My entire body is stronger, more flexible, and limber.  My favorite pose is Triangle because it is SO HARD and yet, I can do it. I’m just amazed every time.  During the hold, I literally can feel every muscle in my body and legs getting stronger. I am 57 years old, and was starting to feel and move “likes an old lady,” and now I feel like I’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth. . . I feel like I did 20+ years ago; I am not exaggerating here! I have been “eating clean” and the yoga causes me to not want to eat things that make you feel bogged down, resulting in 27 lb weight loss so far. I teach at the College, and even after only about 3 weeks of continuous yoga practice, I could feel a difference when standing in front of a classroom, I could feel my strong legs and posture.  I also feel much less stressed, at all times.  I think the Yoga releases stress from my body and also create a mindfulness to stay in the relaxed mode. I realized it the 1st session when laying prone in Savasana and Jason said “put left (or right) ear to mat” and I could!  (Hadn’t been able to since the injury and neck surgery). . . I realized right then and there the value of the heat in increasing the suppleness of the muscles.  I walked right out and signed up for the upcoming 30 day challenge.I know that your thoughts create your experience; sometimes it’s easy to forget to walk the talk.  As soon as I quit telling myself that I couldn’t possibly do this, that I hate heat etc., and just came in with an open and curious mind, a whole new world opened up for me.  I even found that: Yes, I can too stand on my knees, or grab my feet from behind, and eventually move into postures that I never in a million years would have thought I would be doing. I am so honored to be selected for the May student of the month. It is my hope that some of what I said might encourage or inspire someone, as I have received so much encouragement and inspiration from the staff and clientele at HBHY.I am thankful to have found hot yoga and especially this studio.  It really has changed my life. If you are new to this, my advice is to show up often, and trust the process. I’m so excited about it, I could scream!

Karen Harelson

I have been an avid yogi for years, until a few years ago.  I stopped.  Entirely.  Nothing for three years.  I went from someone who would never dream of stopping yoga to someone who could not imagine venturing back in that room.  And then I did.  It was brutal and humbling and life-saving.  After six months,  I agreed to do SIXTY days of yoga in a row — then my other half dumped me.  I was crushed and I could feel my passion for yoga draining rapidly.  But I keep my word.  And so I started going every day.  Within the first few days, a screw in my knee shifted and I was literally in excruciating pain constantly.  I started to get angry.  Here I am trying to heal myself and my body backfires.  My friends prayed; I kept going to class.  It still brings me to tears at how this challenge saved my life.  For the first 30 days, I could hardly walk, but I kept going to class.  Then a shower door fell on my foot — yes, really.  I kept going.  Finally I decided to not count the days, rather to watch my body as it healed itself, as the physical and emotional pain began to wane, and I kept going.  There were days I would cry through the class, but I kept going.  I started adding the power flow classes and it was amazing to be a “new” student again.  And I kept going.   And then my knee stopped hurting and my body opened up to the restorative effects of this challenge.   My body changed, my spirit changed, my friends changed (they, too, saved me) and now I cannot imagine walking away from the hot room ever again.  Thank you to the inspiring teachers who truly encouraged us every single class.  Thank you to Jason for holding a new challenge, one that challenged the very essence of who I am.  Thank you for my fellow yogis who practiced alongside me.  And I thank God that I am able to “yoga” relatively pain free.  I encourage anyone to do this.  Do not count the days, rather, see and feel the grace of yoga that lies within you.

Carrie Nahmias

Jason, Wow!! What a great 30 days!! After completing the 30 Day Challenge I can honestly say, hot yoga has lived up to the benefits you’ve been telling us about all these years. I just had to try it.

What the challenge gave me was strength, perseverance and, most importantly, patience as the days turned into weeks. Mid-way through I discovered while in class, my mind was completely focused on my practice, so much so my mind couldn’t wander to think of another thing. I used to hum songs in my head while trying to stick with a posture. I can’t even think of a tune to hum now, simply focused on holding the posture and how my body feels. I’ve learned that you can always challenge a posture no matter easy it seems it has become. I appreciate instructors who help me make those adjustments to gain further depth in a posture.

I especially thank Andi, Kelli, Erica and yourself, instructors who offered wonderful encouragement and enthusiasm through this journey. It made such a difference and I actually looked forward to coming to class!

In September while out running, I was hit from behind by a cyclist on the river trail and I broke both arms, wrists and one hand and completely jacked up my lower back. Since then I have been in PT and chiropractic care and was finally released by the doctor after Christmas. Both therapies agreed that hot yoga was going to be my ticket back to complete health. I agree. My love/hate relationship with hot yoga is over because I’m experiencing the benefits. Though I’m taking a break the remainder of this week, I am looking forward to sustaining a more regular and frequent practice schedule and better health! Namaste

Cyndi Hunt

I lost 18 pounds, my mental clarity, focus, flexibility and energy level increased significantly.
My postures got stronger and my stretches became much deeper over the course of the 30 days.
This challenge was a great investment of time because of the measurable ROI. I saw the tangible
results in the mirror as well as the benefits of mental clarity and focus that were evident while at work.
Brad Cantrell

If I can do this, I can do anything!
Wynndi Dahlin

Enjoyed seeing my yoga friends, lost some weight, eating better, and feel wonderful. Can’t wait
to do it again.
Desiree Segal

This was more of a challenge than I initially thought! But perseverence, patience, and acceptance
was the key to successfully completing the 30 days!”
Marc Abdou

Now I can’t imagine NOT going to hot yoga class *every* day! Such an amazing experience. It
transformed me mentally and physically on many levels.
Nadia Lehmejian

My practice has improved tremendously! I love hot yoga.
Amy Bistolas

In 30 days, I lost 13 lbs. I feel great!
Dan Ciscel

Live a long and healthy life by doing yoga! The Challenge was tough.
Gordon Emerson

The Challenge was tough, but it felt so good to finish! My goal to improve my practice was
achieved with the daily practice. It also improved my focus.”
Tess Veldof

The Challenge was awesome, and I achieved my goals of acceptance and focus. My practice
dramatically improved and I feel more confident. I also lost inches!
Diana Winthers

I’ve been practicing Hot Yoga for over four years now and I don’t think I’ve ever gone 3 days in a row, let alone 30! Making time for The Challenge was my biggest challenge. The classes actually got easier each day and the last 10 were some of the best I’ve had. This experience has renewed my passion for yoga and I hope to do it again…plus I got a cool water bottle!!
Shannon Swanson