Welcome to Huntington Beach Hot Yoga


We offer a complete system of health and fitness through the teachings of hatha yoga to help people heal and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our purpose is to create an environment of conscientious human beings committed to improving their health and revitalizing their spirits.

Huntington Beach Hot Yoga provides a safe, clean, caring environment with the highest level of professional instruction. It is a sacred space where people are welcomed, connected and cared for.

Yoga simply means “union” and “balance.”  By working with the postures (asanas) and breathing exercises, the relationship between body and mind are brought together. Hatha yoga is a tool or system created to facilitate balance and well being.

The state of existence is impermanence. Through yoga, we come to understand that our bodies are subject to the laws of nature and are in constant change. Resistance creates tension and disharmony. The path to health and freedom therein lies our ability to accept ourselves, including our bodies, unconditionally.

Huntington Beach Hot Yoga is pleased to be the first Dayton Method Hot Yoga studio in the city of Huntington Beach. We look forward to creating new relationships and building a community with people who share a common interest and love for yoga.



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