I started at HBHY with a 20 day intro special at the end of May and then bought a 6 month membership.  I practice 4 times a week.  After my 2nd class of the 20 day intro, I knew that hot yoga was for me! Since practicing hot yoga for almost 2 months now I have experienced benefits in many aspects of my personal life.  Feeling more connected to body parts’ strength and potential for further improvement has provided me with a confidence and hope I didn’t know was possible.  Mentally, I have enjoyed a sense of inner peace that has been hard for me to capture previously.  I have a very busy mind that keeps me in an almost constant state of hurry and nervousness.  When I leave a class I feel so relaxed and realize that I haven’t thought of anything but being in the class for the previous 90 minutes.  It is such treat and a vacation for my mind that I have been able to hang on to and access throughout the day with my thoughts.  This has allowed me to experience a stronger sense of self and inner calm that brings emotionally stability to life’s ups and downs.  The physical benefits are amazing too!!  I have been suffering from TMJ symptoms for the last 20+ years (joint pain in my jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back)  and after just a couple of weeks of hot yoga my symptoms have improved by 90% and I haven’t had to use my overnight mouth guard!  Overall, I am in tune with my body and its needs, and hot yoga has made me more aware of what I put in my body, and what I really want to put in my body!! When the instructors congratulate you for completing the class and remind you that you have really done something good for yourself, it really resonates with me and makes me grateful, aware and want to continue that for myself the rest of the day.  I have learned in my brief 2 months of practice of the Dayton Method Hot Yoga that my mind and body are capable of much more than I ever thought capable!  The hope it brings it such a gift!!  Thank you, thank you!!
Tracey Cole

john barrettI started practicing at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga a little over 3 years ago.  The seed had been planted in a Hot Vinyasa Flow class 2 years earlier, and when I moved from NYC to OC in mid-2009 I spent a few months searching for the right situation.  I have to say I couldn’t be happier with what I’ve found at HBHY.   The classes are challenging and rewarding, the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, and both the studio and locker rooms are always kept neat and comfortable. I usually practice 1-2 times per week but would prefer 3-4 times. From my first class at HBHY, I was hooked. It was one of my all-time best workouts and I really appreciated the environment in the studio – bright, clean, and spacious. The benefits I’ve received from practicing at HBHY are truly amazing. For one, it’s an incredible workout that I simply have not been able to replicate anywhere else. It’s also helped me heal from years of sports injuries, most notably a torn achilles and torn hamstring. Overall, my body just feels different (better)….healthier, more energetic, and more flexible. I’ve also experienced noticeable mental benefits from continued practice – hard to explain but no matter what’s on my mind before class, I usually leave feeling better. My mind is clearer and the world and its problems feel lighter and more manageable. For the first few weeks of class I felt physically sick from exhaustion and afterwards I would be so sore it was hard to sleep. Once I got over that hurdle and could finally stay on my feet and participate for an entire class, I realized how special the practice really was. Most great things in life are not awarded without at least some level of pain and/or discomfort, and for me yoga has been no exception. Now that it’s become a part of who I am, it enriches all areas of my life. I’ve learned that I’m open to trying and exploring new things. I’ve also learned how important it is to continue searching for opportunities to grow in all aspects of life.

John Barrett

I walked into my very first Hot Power Flow Class July 10, 2012 and I can’t get enough!  I do Hot Power Flow every chance I get—I average 5 times a week these days and definitely miss the days I am unable to attend.  Some days I even go twice! My boss had been attending Power Flow classes at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga off and on all summer long.  Looking for someone to join her and help her make her visits to HBHY more regular, she invited me to try a class with her.  Though I recently became engaged and was looking for an exercise plan to drop some weight, I made every excuse not to go—“I don’t like the heat”, “Yoga is boring”, “I don’t have the time”, “Yoga is expensive”, etc.  After weeks of insisting that I at least give it a try, I drug my hesitant self into the Huntington Beach Hot Yoga studio to subscribe to the 20 days for $20 trial offer.  I’ve been coming back ever since. At first, the most notable changes in my life were physical—I lost several pounds and inches, noticed an increase in my metabolism, and found my skin to look and feel healthier than it had ever been.  As I kept going back, my confidence was boosting too—not just in yoga but outside the yoga studio as well.  I felt better about myself in general.  My body was, and still is, toning and getting stronger.  I’m still tubby, but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am enjoying the journey my body is taking on my way to better health.  Also important to me is the mental aspect of yoga.  Being able to leave my troubles and outside world at the door for one hour, while I work on me…it feels great!  As an extra bonus, I can also say I’ve met some wonderful people and made awesome new friends in the yoga studio! Though I have passed many hurdles in my yoga practice, the greatest moment I can identify was the first time I was able to successfully get into and hold for a brief moment, Crow pose.  The significance in this moment was in overcoming the preconception of the mind.  The first week that I began going to HBHY, I tried Crow pose and very clumsily felt flat on my face, literally.  This happened several times whenever the opportunity to practice appeared during class.  I remembered thinking to myself, “Heck, I can’t do this.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do this dumb pose.”  The thought must have shown on my face every time I tried that “dumb pose”—because as soon as I failed from my attempt, my wonderfully supportive instructors would tell me, “That’s great!  You’re that much closer…keep at it!”  And keep at it I did…till one day, I did it!  Holy cow I really did it!  That “dumb pose” is now my favorite yoga pose.  I’ve learned that I am capable of so much more than my mind can imagine…true of all things in life I’m realizing.  A couple of months ago, I would have never imagined myself attempting a 60 Day Challenge!
Marlene Merchain

I took my first Hot Yoga class in 2006, one month before a “big” birthday and as soon as our daughter was old enough to babysit our son. I had been curious about the classes for quite a while and I thought it would be a good time to try it. I signed up, went into the room and was completely overwhelmed by how intense and hot it was. About 40 minutes into the class, I realized I had no idea how much longer the class lasted. I thought, what have I gotten myself into?  After class, I had to sit in my car for awhile before I could drive home but later I felt so good. It was like a reset button for my body and mind. I loved it!

I like to practice 5 days a week, that doesn’t always happen but that’s when I feel my best. The 3 pm Hot Power Flow is great because it fits into my work schedule perfectly. I try to that as many week days as possible and then take the Hot Yoga classes on the weekends. I decided to start Hot Yoga because years earlier I had a freak accident happen to me. The accident so badly injured muscles and nerves that it changed my life. Even after several surgeries I could no longer run or bike ride the way I used too. I had exercised almost my whole life and I needed to get that part of my life back. Plus, I thought the heat would work well for me, and it did. Hot Yoga allowed me to exercise again. It started to heal my body. I gained more mobility throughout the injured areas, started to become more flexible than I had ever been before and I gained back my strength. For me, after 8 plus years of not being able to exercise it was a miracle! My husband joined about a week after I did. Yoga has been fun to share with him. We both enjoy it and see its benefits. Yoga has taught me many life lessons, what it is like to be in the present moment and to strive for that at all times not just in the studio. It has also taught me how to breathe correctly. A wonderful bonus, Hot Yoga has allowed me to meet and make wonderful friends who share the love of Yoga and the healthful things that go with a Yoga lifestyle. I have met so many amazing, wonderful people – I feel truly blessed to have found Huntington Beach Hot Yoga.  My “Ah Ha” moment happened when my job had been particularly stressful, I finished a class and realized that I didn’t think about work once during the class. It took my mind away from stress and focused it on practicing Yoga. I left the class feeling completely different than I did going into the class, I felt like I had been on vacation. That’s when I realized how powerful Yoga was for the mind as well as the body. I have learned about the mind body balance and how important it is to try to achieve that balance at all times. I have also learned that you change your life in great ways with yoga.

Donia Hodge

yoga for equestrians

I started practicing at HB Hot Yoga in December 2010 after moving back from San Francisco. And I’m glad I found the studio because I have met some awesome people/teachers.I practice at least twice a week, but I try for 3-4 times depending on my work schedule. I decided this style of hot yoga was perfect for me because I have to maintain a strict weight balance for my career as a jockey. As well as helping with my weight, yoga has helped me in almost every other way too! I am definitely a stronger person mentally, physically and emotionally. I have never felt more at peace with myself and the sometimes ‘crazy’ world around me. I have dedicated much of my life so far to the horse racing industry and I really didn’t even realize that it had been so long since I poked my head out and saw what the rest of the world was up to! So since learning to clear my mind I have found the pressure I put on myself wasn’t all that necessary and if I can keep practicing to be just the one breath I breathe at that time and moment I am always going to be the best I can be.
Kayla Stra

harelson karenI started practicing the Dayton Method Hot Yoga on January 8th 2012. 5 days after I started, I started the 30 day challenge, and then continued into the 60 day challenge, only I call it my “60 day transformation.” By all odds, I never should have started this.  I have heard about hot yoga from time to time and always immediately ruled it out using self-talk like “I’m too old, I’m injured, too fat, too out of shape and especially I hate heat.” I had some serious injuries, shattered my shoulder requiring plates and screws 1 ½ yrs ago, neck surgery and knee surgery.  This caused me to not be able to exercise to the point of cracking a sweat in almost 2 years, which resulted in feeling tired all the time and depressed. I read that it would be good to use a sauna to at least get heart rate variability if you “can’t exercise,” and began thinking, “Why go into a sauna and just sit down? Maybe trying this hot yoga would be better.” So. . . having never done any kind of yoga and feeling somewhat intimidated, I just walked in, plunked down 20 bucks, thinking that even if I only last 5 minutes in there, it would be O.K., at least I tried it. I had been on-line to read about studios, and choose Hot Yoga Dayton Method studio even though there are many closer to my home after seeing the nice website and then reading someone’s comment that he “likes it that Jason is a clean freak;” this last statement brought me in, and I’m so thankful that I found this particular studio. Physically: I am still rehabilitating my shoulder, knee, and neck, and have had more progress with these in the last 3 months doing Hot Yoga than I had in the previous 1 ½ years. My entire body is stronger, more flexible, and limber.  My favorite pose is Triangle because it is SO HARD and yet, I can do it. I’m just amazed every time.  During the hold, I literally can feel every muscle in my body and legs getting stronger. I am 57 years old, and was starting to feel and move “likes an old lady,” and now I feel like I’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth. . . I feel like I did 20+ years ago; I am not exaggerating here! I have been “eating clean” and the yoga causes me to not want to eat things that make you feel bogged down, resulting in 27 lb weight loss so far. I teach at the College, and even after only about 3 weeks of continuous yoga practice, I could feel a difference when standing in front of a classroom, I could feel my strong legs and posture.  I also feel much less stressed, at all times.  I think the Yoga releases stress from my body and also create a mindfulness to stay in the relaxed mode. I realized it the 1st session when laying prone in Savasana and Jason said “put left (or right) ear to mat” and I could!  (Hadn’t been able to since the injury and neck surgery). . . I realized right then and there the value of the heat in increasing the suppleness of the muscles.  I walked right out and signed up for the upcoming 30 day challenge.I know that your thoughts create your experience; sometimes it’s easy to forget to walk the talk.  As soon as I quit telling myself that I couldn’t possibly do this, that I hate heat etc., and just came in with an open and curious mind, a whole new world opened up for me.  I even found that: Yes, I can too stand on my knees, or grab my feet from behind, and eventually move into postures that I never in a million years would have thought I would be doing. I am so honored to be selected for the May student of the month. It is my hope that some of what I said might encourage or inspire someone, as I have received so much encouragement and inspiration from the staff and clientele at HBHY.I am thankful to have found hot yoga and especially this studio.  It really has changed my life. If you are new to this, my advice is to show up often, and trust the process. I’m so excited about it, I could scream!
Karen Harelson

I first start practicing The Dayton Method Hot Yoga at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga in 2005, five months after I quit smoking. I practice approximately four times per week. Once I took my first class, I loved the intensity of the work-out and the way I sweat.  I have always done intense work-outs, long-distance running, aerobics, cycling, however, I did not feel the same amazing benefits I feel with hot yoga.  Also, I have injured myself working out, and with yoga, I feel my body is being healed. Yoga has had so many amazing benefits in my life.  It helped me to quit smoking, as it focuses so much on deep-breathing and smokers generally take short sudden breathes as opposed to long deep breathes.  I suffer from anxiety and have had bouts of depression, and hot yoga relieves both symptoms and gives me a better overall perspective of life.  It is continually healing me from the negatives effects of being a long-term runner, as well as continually improving my complexion.  I eat better when I practice hot yoga and feel better because I drink a lot of water. I realized that the postures are all important and each posture works off of the one before it.  I used to only think it was important to do the intense parts of a work-out and never paid much attention to stretching, warming-up, and then warming-down.  This is probably why I have injuries.  Sometimes I do not want to work-out at all because I am really tired and yoga is so gentle, it tricks me into having a good work-out.  I start with some wonderful breathing and stretching exercises and before I know it, I am sweating profusely and have completed a great work-out. I quit practicing hot yoga for a period of about a year due to my work schedule and finances.  I started running again and working-out at home with the P90X program.  Although those are both good work-outs, I did not feel the same benefits as I did when regularly practicing yoga.  After I made a commitment to come back to hot yoga regularly and have experienced the amazing benefits again, I now know, hot yoga is not an exercise class I attend, it is a way of life and is vital to my mental, emotional and physical health and well being.
Amber Knight

I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis 3 years ago. At that point I was working as a production manager in the Apparel Industry which is a very fast paced environment. Unfortunately even that I LOVE to work in that industry, the illness is progressive and with time became so bad that I had to leave my work. That was very shocking for me. The arthritis then got complicated with fibromyalgia, which had me inactive at home with pain on ALL my joints, my muscles and even my skin. Some days I was not able to get up from bed all day. Then I read in the Arthritis Today Magazine that hot yoga can help as part of the exercise or therapy. My cousin Nohemi Herrera, who is also a member at HBHY, found out about Huntington Beach Hot Yoga, so we started with the 20 day introductory special. I could only make it to about 8 classes, but the first class had such a great impact on me. I remember how the instructor emphasized that we should be grateful with what we can do, and also that some of the postures are good to heal. That is exactly what the practice is doing for me. I have to admit I have limitations but I can do most of the postures with no pain now, especially on my knees, which was the most painful. I used to be very active and that was the part of the illness that most affected me, but thank God and thanks to Huntington Beach Hot Yoga for eliminating my stress and depression with exercise, the heated room, and the atmosphere of the studio! Thank you very much for such a great source of healing, physical and emotionally.
Yolanda Lopez

I started practicing at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga in October of 2007. A friend told me about it and I like new challenges so I thought I’d check it out. After the 1st class I was hooked. Now I practice 3-4x a week if I’m lucky. Practicing the Dayton Method has helped me tremendously. I sleep so good! If I take a week off from the practice I can feel my stress level rising. I do it for my mental well being more than anything. I used to run and do spin class, but I’d rather just do yoga. My schedule is busy so I don’t have a lot of free time for myself and the time I do have is for yoga. Also, I haven’t been sick in the past three years and I am sure it’s because of hot yoga! Practicing at HBHY has helped me realize I am worth taking 90 minutes out of my busy day for my well being. I am a mother with more patience thanks to Hot Yoga. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. I never thought I could finish a 30 day challenge but I did it! It’s not just a fad, its part of my life now and I have no intentions of ever stopping.
Amy Bistolas


I came to Huntington Beach Hot Yoga five years ago because my workout partner had tried it and thought it was amazing and wanted me to check it out. The first workouts were very challenging, but as I continued going back I definitely became hooked. I found the Dayton Yoga Method very beneficial in so many ways.

After having five children, I had become very tight and had many aches and pains, not to mention the stress that comes along with being a very busy mom. As the days, weeks, and months rolled by I continued practicing and my life began to transform. As my aches and pains were diminishing I increased my practice to five days a week.

While I have always been a very happy and cheerful person, I was experiencing mounting stress because my Marine son was being deployed to the front lines in Iraq. Dayton Yoga taught me to surrender and let go. My son eventually returned home safely after two tours in Iraq and I was overjoyed. Little did I know that a month later I would experience the most devastating event of my life. My husband died very suddenly, at thirty seven years old, without a warning. It has been three years now.

I am so grateful that Hot Yoga is such an integrated part of my life. I would not be where I am today if it were not for my yoga practice and all that it has taught me about myself. I am healed emotionally and spiritually, and feel that the Dayton Method has changed my life. Give it a try and I’m sure it will change yours too! Namaste.
Carol De La Torre

I first started taking Dayton Method Hot Yoga about April of 2004. I practice about 2-3 times per week depending on my schedule and lately trying to mix it up with the Power Flow classes. Stephanie Rafferty one of the instructors, a great friend of ours, started to take the classes and highly recommened this to me. I was very curious and also unsure of what I was getting myself into. At the time I was one of the few men that were taking the class and sometimes the only guy in there besides Jason. Yoga has changed me personally especially mentally by using the power of the mind to overcome the physical challenge of exercising in the heat. I had a severe herniated disk 25 years ago which I was lucky to have resolved without surgery with a papaya enzyme injection into my disk. I was told I would probably develop arthritis in this area, so Hot Yoga has helped keep this at bay and not developing it into something more severe. It energizes me afterward throughout the day and calms me after stressful life situations that we all face. It also keeps me flexible which is essential as we age. To me it is like taking a hot cleansing shower from the inside out!!… I think the biggest moment to me was not in class but about a half hour after I left and how much energy there was and great I felt…What I have learned the most especially after doing a couple of the 30 Day Challenges is that it is more of a mental workout which makes the physical part a little easier and I can achieve that goal once I have that mindset. I finally got IT when I figured out how to conserve my energy through the Challenges and concentrating on relaxing and using just enough muscle to hold my poses instead of fighting my body. I gave in to the pose!!!
Dennis Mackenzie

I first started practicing The Dayton Method Hot Yoga at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga in March, 2010. I practice between 3-4 days per week. Due to prior injuries and surgeries from motorcycling, wrestling, and surfing I decide to try Hot Yoga. Practicing at HBHY has helped me in so many ways I feel less pain, more flexible, I have better sleeping habit and better blood sugar control from diabetes. During the standing series I am able to realize the value of the practice. From practicing the series I have learned that I have created a lot more laundry. my wife complains so much about all the towels and clothes she has to wash.
Jack Nicolou

yoga in huntington beach from jade hanRight now I practice the Dayton Method Hot Yoga about 3 to 4 times a week after starting at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga in May 2007. In January 2011 I hope to increase my practice to 4 to 5 times a week because I realize what a great workout it is from head to toe! There are so many benefits I have noticed: good sleep, better toning and physical shape and my once injured shoulder is not tight like it used to be. I’ve always known that all yoga is good for all ages, but I didn’t realize the Dayton Method would help me as much as it has.

I often have neck and lower back pain from standing all day at work. Hot Yoga helps to relax the tight muscles in my neck and back, as well as every muscle in my body. Because I usually have very poor balance, I value all of the one-legged standing postures. They are always challenging for me but I have been getting better over these years of practicing.

In March of 2007, my older brother died of a massive stroke. He was only 44 years old. It was the first time I had lost a family member. I was obviously in shock and devastated. Following that life tragedy I found HBHY two months later hoping it could help me cope through the emotional pain. At first I didn’t like it, thinking it was way too hot. But I realized that if I want to accomplish anything in life I have to work hard at it. Slowly I learned that practicing the Dayton Method Hot Yoga was the best exercise for me both physically and mentally. It helped me to release the pain in my heart from the loss of my brother. At HBHY I have learned to be more patient, relaxed, and try not to take life too seriously. I am definitely in a better shape than four years ago!
Jade Han

huntington beach hot yoga testimonialsI first began practicing yoga at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga 2 years ago, I manage to practice about 5 days a week. I had tried other yoga in the past but upon my first visit to Jason’s studio I felt that I finally found my yoga home. It’s always been difficult for me to focus yet the poses have helped me find a stillness within that I absolutely love. I’ve been running for many years and yoga has helped my back and knee injuries. It’s also strengthened my awareness physically focusing on isolating muscles. I love all the postures, but my favorite is triangle it’s the most challenging for me. What I have learned about myself practicing The Dayton Method Hot Yoga is that like my life, change is constant…acceptance is key.
Kellyann Linehan


116I first started practicing The Dayton Method Hot Yoga at Huntington Beach Hot Yoga in February 2010. I practice hot yoga about 3 times a week but will practice more in the summer, since I have it off. I began practicing The Dayton Method Hot Yoga because I heard that I have a local Huntington Beach Hot Yoga studio. I heard that holding poses in a heated room was really good for loosening up tight muscles. I had already been practicing yoga for about 4 years and felt as though I was making slow progress where my flexibility was concerned. I really wanted to improve on my flexibility, especially in my hamstrings, so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s been a little over a year and I’m very happy with the improvements that I’ve made. Moreover, I don’t wake up with the same aches and pains like I used to. In addition, I feel youthful and healthy. I also enjoy the challenge of holding postures and I notice the gradual change I’ve made in my strength and balance. The Dayton Method Hot Yoga has definitely become my preferred practice. I think of it as my health insurance! Practicing hot yoga has also become a great compliment to my other yoga practice, the hot power flow that is now taught at HBHY. Now, I am able to do other types of asanas with greater flexibility and focus which is what I was really striving for. Practicing The Dayton Method Hot Yoga has also helped in my personal life. I was going through a divorce and had been suffering from anxiety and depression as a result. However, practicing hot yoga has helped to relieve those symptoms. With each asana I learn to relax, stay in the moment and breath, which is something I’m able to take outside the studio. Practicing hot yoga gives me something to look forward to. There are definitely days that I walk into the yoga studio not feeling my best spiritually but by the end of class, I’ve been transformed into a happier more balanced person. I love my yoga practice! I always wanted to do a downward dog and have my heels reach the floor and just recently that was possible! Through the practice of hot yoga, I have learned to have patience with my body, as well as, acceptance with other aspects of my life.
Teresa Lyons

Cheddi Surf ContestI was introduced to Huntington Beach Hot Yoga back in 2004 by a friend who said that it would help my back and get me in shape. Well, it did more than just help my back, it changed by life. I was an athlete in high school and played many sports. Unfortunately all of those sports weakened my back. I went to a chiropractor for about 10 years which only helped me for a day or two. I stopped going to the chiropractor, stopped lifting weights and focused on stretching. That still did not help me and I also stopped surfing and skiing because the pain became worse. I tried yoga in the past but kept getting injured. As mentioned before a friend introduced to me to the Dayton method. After of few months of doing “hot yoga,” I noticed that I did not have back and shoulder pain anymore. I started skiing and surfing again and noticed that I had better balance and strength. Now I am surfing competitively with a local surf club and surfing better than I have ever surfed before. As a psychotherapist I am well aware of how chronic pain can cause depression and anxiety, in addition to hurting relationships. I began to refer my patients to Hot Yoga. Several patients reported fewer migraines, better tolerance in managing stress, and overall improved mood. Yoga is a preventative to injury and illness, as well as an activity that promotes physical healing. Personally and most importantly, I can play with and take care of my children without pain. Thanks Jason for bringing Hot Yoga to H.B.
Cheddi Rathan – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I’ve noticed that as I get older, my muscles and joints are so much tighter. Hot yoga enables
me to stretch, and it relaxes tight muscles. Aging has also made me lose some balance, and
I don’t sweat as easily. But hot yoga really helps with all of that; it’s cleansing and makes me
sweat as much (or more) than I used to when I could run 6-7 miles per day!
Clete Molacek

Discovering hot yoga a few years after back surgery has helped ME immensely! Practicing
hot yoga regularly is the only thing that keeps me from getting stiff, it keeps my back aligned,
it minimizes back pain, and I no longer needs chiropractic adjustments. If I ever cuts back on
yoga, I immediately notice my body, especially the joints getting achy and stiff.
Danny Cerda

I think it’s a fountain of youth for the body.
Dan Butler

Hot yoga has helped me re-center myself in a way that’s made me much more healthy in all aspects of life. Hot yoga is not only my primary form of exercise, but it’s also motivated me to re-vamp and improve my diet.
Debra Hoskins

Hot yoga provides me with overall health.
Michelle Butler

After my first week of Hot Yoga I decided that I had to come back every single day! Not only is Hot Yoga great for your mind and body but you have a sense of community when you go. I have never met so many great instructors who care about you and want you to grow and succeed.
Amanda Tyler